Global HRM Alliance (GHRMA) emerged from the necessity to create regional Human Resource Management solutions in a long lasting bond to assist prospective clients in their business continuity as well as (HRM) development approach. In this GHRMA supports and assists in Recruitment & Human Resource Management consulting solutions; professionals in optimizing staff performance in the context of company's strategic objectives.

We are a noticeable platform of independent individual Recruitment & HRM Human Resource Management consultants and small boutique HRM consulting companies (less than 5 staff members);
• pre-screened and selected, based upon a proven performance record in HRM solutions.

Enterprising Recruitment & HRM consultants whose ultimate goal is to deliver tangible results – transparent, focused and pragmatic – ever serving in close consultation with and in respect for the customer. Reliable and committed, clever low-cost and creative methods and always directed to deliver added value.
In other words;
• proper, effective and economic HRM contracting solutions.

Industrious Recruitment & HRM professionals whose supreme objective is to provide substantial outcomes - clear, focused and pragmatic - ever serving in close consultation with and in respect for the client. Trustworthy and fully committed, smart low-cost and innovative methods as well as constantly directed to deliver added value.

Independent, self-employed seasoned and skilled Recruitment and HRM professionals, specialized areas of competence and abilities for practical solutions;
• direct individual contact,
• flexible deployment and
• immediate sharing their years of knowledge in relevant profession and industry sector.

Our associated professionals, can be contacted (as well as contracted) directly via the easy search & selection tool “consultants” on this web site:
• find/ get in direct touch with Recruitment & HRM Human Resource Management professionals.

We presume that prospective clients have the ability to select and acquire the most capable and qualified professionals, however if assistance is desired simply contact us. It is always an honor to assist clients.

By the Global HRM Alliance network, a platform and a collaboration of independent Recruitment & HRM Human Resource Management consultants, our members offer – while preserving their very own identity and culture – the advantages typically reserved for the larger Recruitment & HRM Human Resource Management consulting firms;
• global coverage,
• complementary services, specialists and solutions, and if requested
• activated and mobilized teams.

Additionally, we provide the probability to carry out extensive projects under the responsibility and supervision of our principal regional professional directors;
• oversight and project management of large assignments/projects (optional). Other optional services provided to prospective Recruitment and HRM clients are;
• escrow intermediary services inclusive of dispute arbitration and mediation.

Please notice that our associated professionals do offer direct Recruitment and HRM consulting services and are consequently typically hired on the basis of;
• a contract fixed price or periodic fee (based upon day / hour prices),
• plus compensation of expenditures,
• plus an optional success commission / retainer fee.

GHRMA is commercial platform activity of Consultdustry/ Stultiens Project and Management BV, a privately owned firm situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, registration number 33291973).